Our Values

We believe in Lateral Thinking.

By researching the needs of people, the market and business, we identify opportunities, reduce risk and plot new design strategies.

Our design process combines all these key questions into considered and rationalised directions of travel. By being objective we make sure the right product is described and brought through development.

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We're a design co-operative. We don't say simple things like 'delivering successful innovation'. We try to understand people and why they need new products. We want to create things that provide a benefit. We have a responsibility to be sustainable. We operate in the real world.

Please explore our values which are at the heart of what we try to do. Every project is unique and we tailor our design process to your specific challenges and goals.

Our Values

We believe in Applied Engineering.

Robust engineering allows us to create working designs faster, improve performance, and lower production costs.

We start by applying basic first principles to predict and define mechanical systems. Designs are then rigorously evaluated and iterated through both physical testing and computer aided engineering (CAE) processes. Design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) principles are integrated throughout our development process, ensuring ease of final production and efficient product assembly.

Our Values

We believe in Sustainable Product Design.

Fundamental to our business are the principles of eco-design and the circular economy. More important than ever, we feel achieving these goals represent some of the most difficult challenges facing design today.

Eco-design methods aim to reduce consumption, prevent waste, and accelerate the shift to a circular economy. By embracing these principles we create positive user experiences in balance with the planet's natural systems.


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Our Process

Projects built around you.

Our process is carefully planned around every new project. We follow a recognisable approach that works.

Every project is created on our online workspace to promote collaboration and provide visibility over the design process. We follow a four phase approach and tailor our services to meet the needs of your unique requirements.

Phase One | Design Process

Define the project.

A clearly defined strategy is the foundation of all design projects. We create testable targets stating what the product must do, who for and why.

During phase one we fully explore all aspects of the project in order to define the design specification. Ergonomics, life-cycle analysis and primary research are all used to explain and justify important design decisions.

Key questions answered:

Who will be using our product and what are their needs.

Who are our competitors and what gaps in the market can we exploit.

What key performance characteristics must the product achieve.

What is our product life-cycle and how can we limit our environmental impact.

Phase Two | Design Process

Create design concepts.

By selectively evaluating each approach against the design goals, we develop products with the best technical and commercial prospects.

Phase two is where we explore the many potential solutions to each design requirement. The final concepts are formed to represent to aesthetic, material, and functional detail of each design.

Key questions answered:

What will the product look like and how will it function.

Which concepts best meet the brief and what are the risks going forward.

What technical challenges have been identified and how will we solve them.

How can our design decisions improve the environmental performance of the product.

Phase Three | Design Process

Prototype, test and iterate.

Through an iterative design process we develop and improve our understanding of how the product will work in reality.

The third phase takes the final design from concept to tested and proven prototype. Through iterative cycles of modelling and evaluation we build our understanding of the overall design and reduce identified risks before moving into production.

Key questions answered:

Does the design meet the specification and how has this been tested.

Where can we manufacture the product and what is the estimated cost.

What do my user groups think of the design and how could it be improved.

Is it beneficial to protect my intellectual property and what is the process.

Phase Four | Design Process

Establish the product.

Whether going into manufacture or sourcing investment; attention to detail, experience, and strong presentation are essential.

In the final phase of development, all the necessary design outputs are created and refined to support your chosen route to market. We do everything from sourcing manufacturers and refining production specifications to crowdfunding and visual promotional campaigns.

Key questions answered:

What are the capital costs to manufacture the product.

What design changes can we make to improve final manufacture and assembly.

What are my regulatory requirements when putting the product on market.

How do I access crowdfunding and what is my campaign strategy.

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