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Momo Audio | Prima Medical

Supporting the development of new medical devices in the electro-surgical field.

Prima Medical provides electro-surgical instruments which have assisted thousands of patients, surgeons, and hospitals worldwide. We worked closely to provide a wide range of product development support; ranging from new product development to marketing support.


Next generation product development, improving device functionality

Engineering analysis to establish feasibility of new designs

Development of new brand identities and design language

Design services


Computer aided design (CAD)


Computer aided engineering (CAE)


Rapid prototyping and product testing


Design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA)


3D Product animations and motion graphics


Design Research + Market Strategy

Framing your design problem and the key research that underpins the benefits you provide are essential for communicating the value of any new product. By diving into available market research and creating engaging marketing materials, we helped Prima effectively present their products to prospective investors.

Promotional board highlighting the company's problem statement

Problem Statement - After exploration of targeted research, we framed Prima's problem statement and quantified it with published data.


Industrial Design +
Product Development

During conceptual development, the creation and evaluation of viable design solutions is the aim of the game. By disseminating concepts against their key performance criteria, we present clear options for the client to take forward.

Solving a specific goal to improve the feature set of an existing surgical device, we developed numerous mechanical designs to enable conversations about the best solution to take into the prototyping phases.

Conceptual design sketches showiing mechanical solutions to improve product functionality

Surgical Forceps - To provide variable contact pressure that would limit the total number of surgical forceps needed by the user, we proposed several viable solutions for discussion.


Design Engineering + Prototyping

Through first-principle techniques, we establish both the performance limits of the design and target specifications for component parts. By combining this approach with practical testing the final design is fully verified and ready for final production.

When looking at the press-fit assembly of a new surgical scalpel extension, we first established suitable part tolerances to enable a robust final production process. By using these established limits, we were able to simulate the assembly process and gain further confidence that the part stresses would be within acceptable limits.

Engineering study looking at the performance of a press-fit assembly for a new medical component

CAE Analysis - To verify the initial design calculations, computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysis was used to review the part stress prior to prototyping.

Prototyping images of various components testing during product development

Product Prototyping - A wide variety of prototyping processes were used to review concepts and iterate the design before final production.


Product Manufacturing + Marketing

A brand refresh can sometimes be all that is needed to reach new customers and grow product sales. By creating a new design language and re-brand for Prima's existing product lines, we helped increase attention to their excellent line of products. To further enhance these benefits, we created a 3D promotional video for use at Medica, the medical industry's premier conference and exhibition.

Promotional boards showing new design language and product features

Design Language - Promotional boards showing key product features and marketing messages developed for Prima's existing product range.

3D Promotion Animation - A 3D computer rendered animation we created to further explain Prima's product portfolio and the key benefits they provide.

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